Children’s Ministry Option

United in peace, for the world, we are called to be servant leaders.

Scripture: “This is my command: Love each other as I have loved you” (John 15:12).

Materials and Resources

  • Flip Chart
  • Materials for booklet
  • Sensory bin materials
  • Hearts/string (verse printed)


  • Create a flip chart of four to five stories that show how Jesus loved people. (He made the blind to see and the lame to walk, his conversation with the woman at the well, he fed the 5,000, etc.)
  • Booklet creation

Teacher Reflection

Prayerfully reflect on this week’s passage. This is your time to dwell with God. What word(s) or phrase in the passage jumps out at you? How do they speak to you? What do you want to say to God?

Pray for the children you will be teaching this week. 

Reflect on how children might help lead this week. 

Remember, you are not alone as you teach. Christ is with you and loves you.

Welcome, Opening Prayer

Nursery-Toddler-Preschool—Love like Jesus. Ask, How does Jesus love us? How much does Jesus love us? Who loved us first? Use sensory bins and add hearts.

Many object lessons on loving one another are available. Find one appropriate for your setting if your ministry opportunity gives space for this. Key words: love one another object lesson.

Grades K-5—Love like Jesus Ask, How does Jesus love us? How much does Jesus love us? Who loved us first? Is it easy to love like Jesus or hard? Is it easy to always show love to everyone? Why not? How do we stay united?

Bible Exploration

Nursery-Toddler-Preschool—Talk about loving one another. Sing, “This Is My Commandment.”

Grades K-5—Read the Scripture. Talk about what a commandment is. Use the flip chart lesson of four to five stories of how Jesus showed love to others.

What was Jesus expecting people who heard him say this to do? What does he expect us to do? How do we love one another? Who have you shown love to this week? Who has it been hard to love this week?

Creative Set

Create a coloring page to do or find one to attach as template.

Nursery-Toddler-Preschool—Color hearts with the verse. String them together.

Grades K-2—Trace the verse on hearts and adhere to ribbon or paper plate with hearts around it. Cut out hearts or pre-cut depending on time frame.

Grades 3-5—Option of craft or use a contemporary design of “love one another” coloring page. Key word: coloring page love one another.

Sending and Living: Pray with the students about this week’s lesson and the Unite theme.

Nursery-Toddler-Preschool—Give children the colored hearts and remind them to love this week.

Grades K-5—Gather together and share what they love about the person next to them (or focus on one person). Talk about what they might do to show love to the person at the grocery store, the bus driver, their parent, etc. Send home the craft item. Pray for people who have a hard time showing love and for opportunities to show love.