United in peace, for the world, we are called to serve globally.

Not only does the church receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to unite us around the purposes of God, but the Holy Spirit also gives the church the mandate to build the kingdom of God in all contexts. As the church we are called to unite around this call to leave the comfortable lives of our individual communities, and together bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the entirety of humanity: from our next-door neighbors and indeed to the ends of the earth.

This week our scriptural focus is on Acts 1:8, a moment that not only radically changed the lives of the first disciples but continues to change our lives today. God had a big plan in mind when he sent the Holy Spirit, and this text provides the mandate to build God’s kingdom as we follow the lead of the Spirit.

Consider this week how the Evangelical Covenant Church values this mission priority to serve globally as a body. For decades Covenant people have been participating in Merge mission experiences. Merge hosts trips for youth groups, family teams, college students, young adults, men’s and women’s teams, construction teams, medical teams, and more. Merge is committed to supporting churches in developing long-term partnerships with cross-cultural ministries and communities. To learn more about Merge and to schedule a trip with them, please visit: covchurch.org/merge

May your church community be blessed today as you journey together through Acts 1. May the God of peace bring your church family together around his purposes for the world. May we all be united in peace for the world as we are called to serve globally.