Refugee Journey: An all-church conversation and discipleship experience, focused on the refugee crisis in the world.

This final week of the Unite curriculum is focused on an all-church project connected to the Covenant’s work with refugees both internationally and locally. As the church works to navigate an increasingly polarized world, we remember Scripture’s call to care for the oppressed as well as the foreigner.

This week we focus not only on education and teaching surrounding refugees today but also on the church’s response. To assist us in this work, Covenant World Relief has created a simulated experience called Refugee Journey, which was first introduced to Covenant youth at CHIC 2018.

We encourage you to look over the Refugee Journey material, and then decide what format will best fit your congregation. You may want to host a post-service gathering in which your church engages on the journey, or you may want to adapt it to fit into a Sunday morning format. This week’s lesson does not include sermon outlines, but there is certainly enough information for pastors, lay leaders, youth leaders, and children’s ministry leaders to use to create preaching and teaching moments.

May your church community be blessed today as you journey together. May the God of peace bring your church family together around his purposes for the world. May we all be united in peace, for the world, as we are all called to unite around the purposes of God. Amen.