United in peace, for the world, we are called to be servant leaders.

As we make disciples, love mercy and do justice, and serve globally, Jesus calls us to do so as servant leaders. Jesus, the ultimate servant leader, admonishes his followers to display the same grace-filled, patient, and deeply caring love to others as he displayed—both those who followed him and also those who were not-yet followers. This scandalous love is at the heart of servant leadership. We must love each other as Christ has loved us.

This week our scriptural focus is on John 15:12. Jesus taught a new way to love others—as transformed people, loving others is not something we do, but rather it is who we are as new creation people. This love is the basis for servant leadership.

Consider this week how the Evangelical Covenant Church as a body values this mission priority to develop leaders. In the book of Judges, God raised up Deborah to lead the people of Israel as a trusted judge, prophet, and military leader. Through our Project Deborah initiative we seek to move the Covenant to a place where we recognize, mentor, and celebrate called and gifted women in our midst. To learn more, visit covchurch.org/project-deborah

May your church community be blessed today as you journey together through John 15. May the God of peace bring your church family together around his purposes for the world. May we all be united in peace, for the world, as we are called to be servant leaders.